What Is The Best Time To Exercise?

Some do it early in the morning, some like during the day while some want to do it as they head home in the evenings. Keeping fit should definitely be part of every person’s timeline. Whether it is done in the evenings or mornings, we all should strive to keep fit.

Morning vs Afternoon vs Evening:

What Is The Best Time to Exercise

There is no reliable evidence to suggest that calories are burned more efficiently at certain times of day. Exercising depends on when is the best time for you. However, the time of day can influence how you feel when exercising.

There are several factors that will determine the best time for you:

  • location,
  • time of day,
  • type of physical activity and
  • social settings, among others.

Experts say that the most important thing, is to choose a time of day you can stick with, so that exercise becomes a habit.

morning exercise

Dr. Steven Aldana, advises trying different times of the day. You don’t have to be an expert on circadian rhythms to determine the best time to exercise.

Work out in the morning for a few weeks, then try noon, then early evening. Which do you enjoy most and which makes you feel best afterward? Also, consider the type of exercise, and other daily commitments.

afternoon exercise

Dr. Cedric Bryant, chief science officer with the American Council on Exercise in San Diego says,

Don’t exercise immediately following a meal. The blood that needs to go to your muscles is going to your digestive tract. Give yourself 90 minutes after a heavy meal.


The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity, or 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity. If you are pressed for time, then get creative: break up your activity into daily bouts of 3-10-minute increments.

evening exercise

Where you rarely get time to exercise and you have to work, keep a bag of exercise gear in your car or at work. It will motivate you to work out daily.



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