Running As A Fitness Exercise

Running is not so much fun to many people. To many, it is the last option when it comes to a tricky situation. It is however so much fun to others. It is a sport at the Olympics where so many athletes around the world have claimed fame from. They are professionals but here, we are concerned with running as a form of exercise and a way to stay fit. Here are some reasons why you should lace the boots up and hit the road:


It is very possible for almost everyone

Other than walking, it is the easiest form of exercise available. You do not have to go to the gym or lift weights. Running will be generated from walking which is the easiest and readily-available form of fitness ever.


Strength and Stability

Running increases bone density. It stresses your bones which requires the body to send essential minerals to the bones and strengthen them.

Sometimes, strength doesn’t have to be physical. Running provides you with confidence and a sense of control over your life, strengthening you in the process.

Stability comes in from the fact that the physical strength gained from running, causes joints, ligaments and tendons to be a bit more stable, reducing your chances of injuries at key areas like the ankles, knees and hips.


Mental Health:

Running makes the body release chemicals in the body which make you feel happier, meaning your overall mental health is protected and continues to improve.

Going a mile or two on the road will also relieve you from stress, making you focus on a greater goal, whether on the road on in life in general. With stress gone, depression will also go away. This will create a happier and healthier you.

Physical Health:

The first thing to mention here is that running burns approximately 705 to 865 calories per hour, meaning it helps one reduce weight. Ready to shed some excess weight? Hit the road today!


Running helps reduce the effects of diabetes. Running helps reduce diabetic resistance to insulin as well as maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Running also lessens the effects of asthma through strengthening the lungs and bronchi, which are heavily put to the test during the entire exercise.

Finally, running creates a stronger immune system. Regular running will lessen your chances of suffering from illnesses.



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