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5 Benefits of Meditation

So, I introduced meditation as a fitness exercise some few days ago. I talked of meditation being a fitness exercise for the mind. It is that practice that practices the mind to actualize or realize something. It will turn your attention away from distracting thoughts and will focus […]

Meditation: The Beginners’ Guide

Today, let’s hold off on physical fitness practices and work on the mental ones. With that, meditation comes to mind. Meditation is an art or practice of individually operating the mind to realize some benefit. It is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of […]

The Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga literally means union. I am getting this from my previous article on ‘Yoga, Explained’. From that article, I explained that yoga comes in different forms, each focusing on different aspects of a person and their relations to life, in order to achieve yoga or union. In this […]

50 Reasons to Exercise

Everywhere you go, read or whatever you watch and/or listen to, has to involve the element of ‘staying fit’. The whole essence of this blog is to emphasis on the same. There are many reasons you are being told or being directed towards the ‘staying fit’ road. I […]