Yoga Explained

Yoga literally means union. It is understood as the union between an individual’s conscience and the universal conscience. Yoga’s process is any method used to reach your higher nature. In the West, yoga has been understood to mean poses, which is just one of the many aspects of […]

The Role of Water in Fitness

Water is the building block of life. We use water daily in almost all aspects of life. Whether it is for exercises or not, we need water. You should hydrate to avoid detrimental effects of dehydration.   For anyone who wants to stay fit, water has a special […]

Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Each person is different from the other. When it comes to putting on weight, some develop big thighs, some experience expanding butts and others pack unwanted weight just about everywhere. Men in particular, pack belly fat. Here are some of the foods that really promote the packing of […]